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caribbean soups collageFor the folks, like myself, who like to just get the point. Check out the four (4) bullet points below. For the detail lover who needs to know the where and why. There’s lots of good stuff below, so keep reading.

  • The permanent address for this blog is changing to http://sianscooking.com/  Please update your bookmarks and/ or subscribe to be notified when new recipe are posted.
  • No worries, all the recipes here will be moved to the new blog in the coming weeks.
  • For catering and promotional events click here to contact Sian 
  • To find me on social media look for: #sianscooking everywhere

    Sian's Cooking-logo (3)

    new logo

Following a series recent of mistakes and mishaps I came to realize that I have sorely neglected this blog. My pride and joy that I once trotted about like a shiny new possession had been left to languish like a forgotten friend. Meanwhile, the entire What’s cooking/ Sian’s Cooking brand was getting a much needed facelift. As part of my transformation; the old logo has been replaced with a simpler emblem that better reflects my professional evolution.

In addition to the authentic Caribbean goodies that you have come to expect, there will be lots more Caribbean fusion and original gourmet creations. So be sure to keep your recipe requests coming.

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

Over the last few days I have relocated several recipes from this blog to my new address at http://sianscooking.com/ migrated recipes include favorites  Curried Goat, Cornmeal Porridge and several soup recipes. All of the recipes have been updated with additional pictures and information to make them easier to follow. The updated blog comes with a nicer layout that is much easier to navigate. There are direct links to all Sian’s Cooking services. But, don’t take my word for it. Click here and see for yourself. While you’re there; subscribe to stay updated on what’s cooking and get notified when I publish a new recipe.

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Red Peas Soup  - Google Chrome 1232016 123948 PM.bmp


For Miami residents:

  1. Check out my column, “Cooking with Chef Sian” in the Miami Times each week.
  2. On Saturday January 30, I will be one of the judges at the Gwen S. Cherry Soul Food Cookoff, at the Coconut Grove Gallery and Interiors
  3. Contact me here for catering and personal chef services

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