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My gosh. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. You see I’ve been making some changes in the background and somewhere along the way things went awry. For the folks, like myself sometimes, who like to just get the point. Check out the four (4) bullet points below. For those, like me the rest of the time,  who want to know the details keep reading.

  • The permanent address for this blog is changing to http://sianscooking.com/  Please update your bookmarks and/ or subscribe to be notified when new recipe are posted.
  • No worries, all the recipes here will be moved to the new blog in the next few days.
  • For catering and promotional events click here to contact Sian 
  • To find me on social media look for:

Sian's Cooking-logo (3)
A few months ago, in a series of mishaps and mental malfunction I lost the contents of my
blog, or so I though. There were a few recipes lost but most of them have been or will be restored shortly. In the meantime I have started migrating the recipes to my new blog. I’ve also added some new recipes like this yummy Granny Smith Cornbread The new blog is better formatted and much more informative with a preformatted recipe layout for easy printing. Shrimp with greens and cornbread



Besides my blog ‘trials’ I’ve had some exciting opportunities crop up on the home front.  On January 13 my inaugural food column “Cooking with Chef Sian” debuted in the Miami Times The Times is a local Miami publication that serves the African- American market. The column will appear weekly and will include features on the local food scene and  original recipes from yours truly.

miami times debut

There has also been several recipe features in magazines like Jamaican Eats, an international publication centered around the culinary offerings of the Caribbean and The Jamaican Gleaner  2015 Holiday Cookbook and more. Going forward all happenings and updates will be posted on the new blog page at  http://sianscooking.com/ So, don’t forget to subscribe today and all get my latest recipes and updates.

Jamaican-Eats-magazine Nov 2015 inside Jamaican-Eats-magazine Nov 2015

Sian's Cooking-logo (3)


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