Nyammings, now available

Greetings everyone!

I am proud to announce that my new cookbook- Nyammings: 88 authentic Caribbean recipes is now available on Amazon. The book is available in ebook ($2.99) and print ($24.99) format.

Nyammings ebook cover2

Inside the book you will find

  •  Dozens of authentic Caribbean favorites like Curried Goat, Cassava pone and Pepperpot from Guyana plus previously unpublished favorites like Sweet Potato Pudding and that yummy Black ‘Rum’ Cake that so many of you have salivated over.
  • Easy to follow directions including time saving hints and tips.
  • A brief history on many Caribbean dishes (some with surprising origins)
  • Personal reflection on my own personal foodventures

1-Nyammings  ebookmanuscript2.docx - Microsoft Word 822014 93336 PM
 a sample page from the book

Each recipe, like the ones on my blog and my Facebook page, are adapted to suit “Westernized” tastes and simplicity while maintaining the authentic Caribbean flavor. The entire book is peppered with related personal recollections, historical and cultural information. Whether you’re a curious cat or a seasoned professional Nyammings has something for you.

Nyammings ebook coverthe back cover

Because not everyone can or will purchase the book I would like to include here a big thank you to the almost 4,000 (yes you read that right) people who read this blog each month. Without your support I might have changed gears long ago.



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