Hints and Tips: Be splatter free

I have heard it said and been asked countless times if placing a woodedn spoon across a boil pot of soup/ liquid will prevent splatters. Finally, after reaching for the wet dish rag the umpteenth time to wipe down the stove, while cooking this pot of beef soup, I remembered to experiment with the wooden spoon/ rolling pin (because the longest wooden spoon I own wasn’t long enough to span this very large pot),  and I am happy to report that it works 🙂

I suspect that this little trick will work with any boiling liquid

the wodden spoon myth

The spoon traps the condensation and pools it on the underside. The water then drips back into the pot. This method will prevent splatters with any boiling liquid. During this particular experiment, I was momentarily dismayed to realize that I didn’t have a wooden spoon long enough to span the colossal Dutch pot. Thankfully this rolling pin caught my eye and saved the day.


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