Caribbean Cooking: The Dutch Pot (Dutchie)

chicken feet and vegetables

Dutch ovens also called Dutch Pots, or Dutchies as they are fondly called by Caribbean islanders, are an essential tool for any serious Caribbean cook.


Versatile and durable; Dutchies can be used for cooking, braising, frying, roasting and baking.  The name Dutch pot pays homage to the 17th century process, originated by the Dutch, of casting these heavy duty pots with the aid of sand to create a smoother finish. These pots are ideal for any temperature or cooking method.

step 4

Over the years and especially in the last few years the name Dutch oven has evolved to include almost any large non-stick aluminum, oven-safe pot of a certain shape. A good dutchie could be a small investment but it will be worth every penny and will likely outlive you.

dutch pot


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